A generation, a city, a mission


February Celebration


At the celebration tonight we have Kevin from Buckhurst Hill Baptist Church stirring us up in the name of Jesus with his word.

The flyers are in...


Our new n:serve publicity has arrived!! Join us for serving Jesus this summer!! http://nflame.org.uk/home/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=54%3Ago&catid=1%3Amain-content&Itemid=30

The Tree of Gap

Gap Year

Our office wall gap year tree is now complete! (and we look forward to adding more to it) On here is every team of gap year students that we've had the privilege to work with since 2002!!

Working Hard, Hardly Working!

A random Thursday photo!

Ruth and Andie are saying goodbye to the n:flame couch after it recieved flood damge when our offices were flooded the other week.

Goodbye couch, we hardly knew ye!

Baptism, Hurrah!

Today Bethia was baptised. Hurrah!

Bethia leads up front on the celebration nights with Stevie Frost.

Cake Sale

We are raising money at the Enfield Baptist Church coffee morning today for general n:flame costs.

Human Pyramid Illustration


At tonights celebration Josh Wisker was talking about having firm foundations.  To illustrate this he got some of the young people to form a human pyramid!

Ninja's Attack

LE Training

It’s our January LET meeting (first LET session of 2016!) and our team is unwinding with a game of ninja. Even with Andie Frost on mission to Uganda you will all be glad to know that the leaders won the final battle.

Uganda 2016

Andie is in Uganda this week as a guest speaker and helping out at a youth camp. He is not entirely  sure what he will be doing but I’m sure God has something special planned. Let’s pray that Andie has a safe trip and that he will receive as well as give this week.

Gap Student’s Presentations

Gap Year

This week was the end of our Gap Student’s first assignment. They had to do a forty-five minute presentation based on a book of the bible. They all got to choose their own book and had to show what that book had taught them. Although they all stood up the front when delivering their talks each of them did their presentation in their own way and each incorporated other methods of getting their talks across to the audience.