A generation, a city, a mission


Ruth's joined the Team

Gap Year

Ruth has joined the team in Dubai and they are now on their way to Colombo in Sri Lanka - please keep praying

Sri Lanka Team 2016

Gap Year

Gappie team about to fly out on mission to Sri Lanka. Please keep them in your prayers over the next two weeks

April Celebration


Alex is talking to everyone at the celebration on the final Saturday of our series Building On The Rock.

Sri Lanka Meeting

Gap Year

We had a Sri Lanka team meeting today. This is the crazy bunch going on the trip with in a few weeks time.

(Picture L-R: Ruth, TJ, Josh, Niklas, Rahel, Debora, Pia, Daniel, Julia)

Andie in Westminster

Andie at Westminster today talking to MP about n:serve

Lebanon 2016 Team


The Lebanon team are ready to fly!

Thank-you to our donators

Gap Year

Thanks to everyone who came and donated last night at the quiz night run by our Gap year Students. An amazing £1175 was raised!!!

Gappie Quiz 2016

Gap Year

Our amazing gap year team organised a fantastic quiz tonight to fundraise for their trip to Sri Lanka.

Looking to the Future

The core team and trustees are having a prayer, vision & strategy day. We're looking ahead and seeking God.

Alfred Hitchcock in the making...


Filming an actions video for Lighthouse in our office to use in a junior assembly in the school in Lebanon next week.